Our story

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A mobile app, that allows users connect conveniently, send and receive money. MoneySent was founded in 2019 by a team of Expert Software Engineers, Entrepreneurs, and Patriots who decided to develop a secure and powerful mobile system that could ease the remittance of money worldwide, eliminating the need for brokers that tend to charge too much unnecessary fees in transition. Bridging a gap between the banked and unbanked, friends and families from home and abroad! Making safe, secure, and instant transactions at the lowest fees possible. MoneySent provides reliable solutions to businesses and individuals around the world to accept payments send and receive money anytime anywhere. The World is growing fast, and financial institutions are getting challenged with the new changes in technology which are powerful and able to turn the mode and nature of transactions around with their powerful characters. The world needs powerful and reliable applications to fit in with these technological changes reason why we built MoneySent. The state of art designs was implied to make the MoneySent application simple for anyone to use: - Chat with friends & family, fundraise, creating online circle groups.

With the new changes in technology that arise every other day, security is MoneySent’s number one priority, the MoneySent Application is built with high-end-tech security, meaning that the security of the application, transactions, data, and information of the clients is highly assured!.

MoneySent relies on principles that govern remittances worldwide, compliant to AML (Anti-Money Laundering) activities. The MoneySent system is built on strong security measures, and the ability to prevent bad people from using the system for their selfish gains and interests.


Our Core Values

At MoneySent, we have 7 core values that team members live by in everything we do. It’s what defines us and what we do to serve clients beyond our limits and their expectations...

  • Loyalty is our main focus.
  • Building trust within ourselves.
  • Respect within us at the highest level possible.
  • Think beyond possibilities.
  • Teamwork and love of our responsibilities.
  • Communication Discipline.
  • Customer happiness as our main goal.
our core values

Our Mission

To secure and simplify transactions at home and abroad.

our mission

Our Vision

Seeing families and friends connect even more conveniently, providing a secure and reliable connection for making payments, sending and receiving money anywhere.

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