Do More For Less.

At your own comfort you can now do almost everything with MoneySent app for literally free of charge. Make orders of the things you love for free, Fundraise, create online-saving groups for both You and Your business development, send and receive money anywhere any time, Share Ideas, make them known and get them live, connect with friends and family, share pictures and videos, Make Voice and video calls any time anywhere. Hold the future in your hands, for free at your own comfort.

do more with your phone

Do More With Your Phone

Do you have an Idea? Bring it to the light, You have friends and family, connect with them, You have a team, produce your work make it live for anyone to see. Meet people who're willing to fund your projects, make every idea you have count with MoneySent app. Your phone can literally do more than you thought, MoneySent App will help you get your phone's power out for use.


Do you have a wedding, birthday, or any party, do you have any cause for money and you don't have enough or any at all? You have 'MoneySent app' Your friends and family can help, why not fundraise with them. Create a link with MoneySent, invite them to fundraise for your cause, they'll do it right within their MS app. You can now conveniently collect money from your friends at their will and you'll know who ever has fundraised! When the target is reached, MoneySent App will be able to send them all a Thank you Note on your behalf automatically.


Make Video and Audio Calls.

MoneySent has made it even more simpler for your convenience, you can now get even more in contact online with the people you love, share music and videos. You don't have credit on your phone, no problem MoneySent will help you make phone calls as normal as the usual phone calls are made. Connect in any way instantaneously.

Make Video and Audio Calls.
make video call
Make Video and Audio Calls.

Send and Receive Money

MoneySent’s products and services are designed with a customer focus. MoneySent provide customers with affordable, reliable and fast ways to make money transfer and payments to loved ones, family, friends worldwide. Using the mobile application and our network agents, we connect consumers from their convenient location. MoneySent App lets you send money to your loved ones, they can transfer this money to their bank accounts or withdrawal this money from any of our agents. Money transferred with MoneySent is available for pick up instantly as soon as the transfer has been successful.

Create Online Saving Groups for Personal Development.

Not a usual group, but a group that will help you grow either personally or your business. We know you want to develop, either yourself or your business, MoneySent has put a feature that will help you save money with your friends to develop each other, in this way, the proprietor/Admin, will create a group where they'll add people who are interested in the saving group, they'll set times when each one of them will receive their share at the end of the period agreed. The members of the group will be able to set up meetings, see all the actions of the group, but not even the admin or any member of the group has a right to withdrawal this money. Show More...

Create Online Saving Groups for Personal Development