The Best and Cheapest Way For People In

The Diaspora To Send Money Back Home Online

Our online payment system addresses not only the challenges of the fees charged, delay and tediousness of remittance processes, but also promoting targeted investment. MoneySent uses an integrated money repayment system and promotion of targeted investment via real estate participation by the remitters.

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Start Your Own Business

We well know that starting a business can be really hard, coming up with budgets, the best experience of the business, the right team to deal with, marketing strategies, building up from scratch… We know well the cost could be so high for a starter, that’s why we are here. MoneySent is going to be part of your journey of starting up your own business right from scratch, what Idea do you have, let be if you’re residing where MoneySent is from or far from home.

MoneySent can help you start up you own business, that you can manage on your finger tips! Yes, You can. Think of a business, let us know your vision, and mission, leave the rest to us. We shall help you get started. MoneySent will get you through this hustle! See you at the TOP as the CEO.

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The benefits of diaspora sending money back home

in form of remittance

The african and the Asian dispora are making a lot of money and they want to send money to their loved ones back to their origin countries inform of remittance. The remittance is one of the most important external sources of finance to any country. Such payments often buffer the vegaries of poverty or instability by covering basic necessities such as food, school fees, rent, health care and for other reasons such as starting a business, build a house or buy a vehicle.

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Why choose MoneySent to

Send money back home

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Register once with MoneySent for any future transactions and other services

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MoneySent charges the lowest fees and offer good exchange rates

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Send money to family and friends, instantly.

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Open your Mobile App, click send

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Paste reciever's ID or scan their QRcode.

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Cross check your transaction details to make sure you are sending to the right person.

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MoneySent, both the sender and the receiver will receive a notification of the transaction.

People in the dispora Make Money

by Participating in Real Estate Business

Interested in getting into real estate, MoneySent can help you build your career and a possible fortune. The can be in the form of a) becoming and landlord; b) owning your dream house. Most people in the diaspora, send money back home to any of their family members to build them houses they would like to find when they get back, on return they find nothing, or sub-standard according to the payments made, MoneySent is here to solve this problem, MoneySent will work according to your budget, You'll never be disappointed.

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Become a Landloard

MoneySent supports efforts of people in the diaspora to construct rentable houses for income generation. With your trust we can identify land, work you on your achitectural plan and have your rentals constructed and supported to have them rented out.

Own your Dream House

MoneySent through your remittance will support you identify suitable land and construct a dream house, you'll have no hustle when you return

Whether for becoming a landlord or owning your dream house, provides you the ability to build a legacy portfolio of properties that can be passed down to your heirs with minimal tax liability.

Take the first step now

Work with us, contact us for more information or visit our offices.

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